Funeral Directors

Nick Skurdal

Nick has worked for Overton and Parrott & Wood Funeral Homes since 2008. He was raised and attended schools in West Union, Iowa and attended Wartburg College, majoring in business administration. Nick received his mortuary science degree from DMACC, then interned with Kaiser-Corson Funeral Homes in Waverly. He currently lives at the Overton Funeral Home in Dysart, Iowa with his wife, Cara, and their chocolate lab, MacGyver. Nick loves to golf and attends Zion Lutheran Church in Dysart, where he sings in the choir. When time allows, he enjoys traveling and has been to Europe, Australia, Panama and Mexico.

Jen King

Jen has worked for Overton and Parrott & Wood Funeral Homes since 2012. She was born in Waterloo but raised in Ankeny. Jen also attended Wartburg College, where she studied business administration (marketing & management). Before getting her mortuary science degree from DMACC, she worked as a marketing and foundation director in healthcare and a Marketing & Communications Specialist at UNI. She lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa with her husband, Brian, who is Senior Pastor at Nazareth Lutheran Church. She is a movie buff, enjoys cooking and, most of all, spending time with her family, which includes four children: Taylor, Justin, Nathan, and Grace

Hannah Raibikis

Hannah was raised in Des Moines, Iowa and is the daughter of a Polk County Deputy Sheriff and a Photo Studio Administrator with Meredith Corporation. Hannah graduated from Dowling Catholic High School then attended DMACC, where she received her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. She completed her mortuary science degree in 2017 and began her funeral director internship at Overton and Parrott & Wood Funeral Homes in November. Hannah lives at the funeral home in Traer and is an avid collector of all things vintage.


Bob Fread

Our family services counselor, Bob Fread, has been on the Overton and Parrott & Wood Funeral Homes team since 2008. He lives in Hudson, Iowa with his wife, Sue, and they have two daughters, Sara and Hannah. He is licensed in Iowa as a pre-arranged funeral agent, and also serves as pastor of Ripley United Church of Christ of Traer, Iowa. Bob enjoys attending Waterloo Bucks baseball games and UNI football and basketball.

The staff at Overton Funeral Homes in Dysart and Traer, Iowa are focused on providing complete funeral planning assistance for survivors, and affordable, personalized pre-planning services to ensure that your service honors the deceased and his or her loved ones. Our team includes three funeral directors and two funeral assistants and is dedicating to serving our clients with compassion, individual service, and a commitment to your loved one. To learn more, keep reading, or to contact us, click here.

Back Row: Betty Hackett, Dean Thede, Nick Skurdal (Funeral Director), Richard Arp and Linda Bevins Middle Row: Kathy Manfull, Jennifer King (Funeral Director), Sandy Sheda, Sheila Graveman and Joel Mask Front Row: Hannah Raibikis (Funeral Director Intern) and Ron Waters Not Pictured: Tony Meyer, Nathan King and Bob Fread


The Overton Funeral Homes locations are recognized landmarks in the Dysart and Traer communities and are known by our clients and the public as places where survivors can experience compassion and caring after the passing of their loved ones. Our facilities are fully equipped for gatherings of all sizes and provide a warm, relaxing environment to share memories, greet well-wishers, and celebrate the life of the deceased.