Maternity insurance plans are rising for specific fields, including cab drivers and delivery partners. Here's why?


Knowing what maternity insurance plans mean is essential to understand why they are on the rise. Maternity insurance plans, called maternity coverage or maternity benefits, are explicit medical care plans that consider the medical costs connected with pregnancy, labour, and post-pregnancy Care. These plans are intended to assist with dealing with the monetary costs associated with maternity and ensure that pregnant moms get fundamental medical consideration during and after pregnancy.


Maternity insurance can be obtained through employer-sponsored health insurance plans, private health insurance providers, or government-sponsored health programs, depending on the country and its healthcare system. Sometimes, individuals may need to purchase separate maternity coverage or add it as a rider to their existing health insurance policy.


Maternity insurance primarily covers a range of medical services related to pregnancy, including:


  • Prenatal Care incorporates ordinary check-ups, tests, and consultations with medical care providers during pregnancy.
  • Labour and Delivery: Coverage for the medical expenses incurred during labour and childbirth.
  • Hospitalisation: Costs associated with hospital stays for both the mother and the newborn, including room charges, nursing care, and other related services, are also included in maternity insurance policies in India.
  • Postnatal Care: Follow-up medical care for the mother and the newborn after childbirth, including postpartum check-ups and Care.
  • Maternity Medications: Maternity insurance policy in India also provides coverage for prescription medications that are part of maternity-related treatment.
  • Complications of Pregnancy: Coverage for medical expenses related to complications that may arise during pregnancy is also included in the plan.


Reasons why maternity insurance plans in India are on the rise

The rise in maternity insurance plans for specific fields, such as cab drivers and delivery partners, can be attributed to the following factors. Here are some reasons why maternity insurance plans in India for these jobs are gaining popularity:


  1. Changing Workforce Dynamics


Many people in professions like car driving and delivery partners are essential for the gig economy, where labourers frequently need customary worker benefits like medical coverage. As the gig economy keeps developing, there is an expanded acknowledgement of the need to give fundamental advantages, including maternity coverage, to draw in and hold workers and ensure that healthcare coverage plans cover them.


  1. Health and safety concerns


Maternity insurance policy in India can also address health and safety concerns specific to the nature of work in these fields. For example, the physical demands of driving or delivering goods may pose unique challenges for pregnant individuals, making it essential to have proper medical coverage for them. Medical problems can strike startlingly, prompting significant medical costs. Health care coverage goes about as a defensive safeguard, shielding working women from the burden of hefty medical bills. It guarantees they get fundamental medical consideration without agonising over the monetary strain.


  1. Social Responsibility and Employee Well-Being


Companies in the transportation and conveyance business perceive a social obligation to offer sufficient help to their employees. Offering a maternity insurance policy in India is a way for businesses to show their responsibility for the prosperity of their workers and their families. Many medical care plans integrate the consideration of ideal preventive measures like vaccinations, screenings, and health check-ups. This encourages working women to focus on their well-being through regular preventive measures.


  1. Financial Independence


Having maternity insurance gives a working woman a sense of financial independence. They can make their healthcare decisions based on their needs and preferences without relying solely on family members or anyone, for that matter. They are independent in choosing what tests they want to get done or which doctor to consult with. This empowers them and gives them the power to make decisions for themselves.


  1. Maternity Benefits


Pregnancy and childbirth are pivotal phases in a woman’s life. Maternity insurance policies in India often include maternity coverage and offer financial assistance during the prenatal, delivery, and postnatal stages of pregnancy. This support is crucial for working women who must balance their career and family responsibilities.


  1. Mental health support


Mental health is an indispensable piece of overall well-being. Health care coverage plans frequently incorporate inclusion for psychological wellness services, advice, and treatment, offering help for women managing pressure, uneasiness, and concerns. Emotional well-being concerns. The demands of modern life can affect mental well-being. Many health insurance plans include mental health services coverage, ensuring that working women can access professional support when needed.


  1. Prepare for life changes


Maternity Insurance policy in India provides a safety net for unexpected life changes, such as accidents, illnesses, or major medical events. Health insurance coverage helps women navigate these challenges without compromising their financial stability.


  1. Employee Retention and Satisfaction


Providing a maternity insurance policy in India contributes to employee retention and satisfaction. Workers are more likely to stay with a company that supports them during significant life events, such as starting a family. This can result in lower turnover and increased loyalty among employees. Knowing their health is protected enhances job satisfaction among working women, increasing motivation and productivity.


  1. Public Relations and Image


Companies that are proactive in providing maternity insurance benefits can enhance their public image. Positive public relations can be beneficial for attracting more customers, investors, and potential employees who value corporate social responsibility. A few insurance providers offer specific plans designed only for women. These plans address women’s fascinating well-being needs, including inclusion in gynaecological counselling, regenerative well-being, and more.




Healthcare coverage plans are beyond a security net; they’re a proactive step towards enabling working women in India. With a scope of advantages, from monetary security to quality medical services and maternity support, healthcare coverage plans meet the different requirements of women in various phases of their lives. 


To conclude, the rise in maternity insurance plans for specific professions like cab drivers and delivery partners is a response to evolving workforce dynamics, legal requirements, and the recognition of the importance of employee well-being.