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Do you place online orders frequently? Well if yes then is article is for you. In this article, we will discuss about the online shopping platform that is Meesho. Moreover, we will go to the deep to provide you with the best information on this platform. Furthermore, we will talk about the latest news about the company, its competitors, and the meesho helpline number. So, be with us!

About meesho: meesho helpline number

Meesho is an online shopping platform that caters for suppliers, resellers and customers. Moreover, it was founded by Fashnear Technologies Private Limited in 2015. Headquarters in Banglore, Karnataka, India. Meesho has become a popular platform among consumers and sellers. indeeed, due to its competitive pricing, and widespread acceptance. Indeed, it has user user-friendly interface that means everyone can use it easily. Moreover, the platform makes sure convenient and secure transactions. moreover, it is the affordable options for shipping and returns. Meesho is trusted by over 2.6 million resellers in India. Meesho takes pride in its extensive network. With over 20,000 suppliers covering more than 500 localities and a vast community of over 2 million resellers. The platform operates on a commission-based model typically ranging from 10% to 15%. Additionally, sellers have the opportunity to generate profits by combining a gross margin. Evidently, with each transaction.

Meaning behind the name of meesho| tagline of Meesho: meesho helpline number

Meaning of the meesho in hindi is “Apni Dukaan” or “Meri Shop.” Meesho aims to provide a platform where individuals can initiate their own businesses. however, without the need of significant financial investments. The company promotes the idea that anyone, not just homemakers, can become a Meesho Entrepreneur, as reflected in its tagline.

Start-up story: meesho helpline number

Meesho was introduced in 2015 under the name of Fashnear. Later the name was changed to meesho. Moreover, the idea behind the name of fashnear was just like Swiggy or Zomato. After that, they dealt with fashion related goods. Furthermore, they allowed the customers to buy clothes and fashion related accessories online.  At that time, if local shops want to sell their products and accessories online, they have to register with the Fashnaer.

The founders of Vidit and Sanjeev observed certain limitations in their initial business model. One prominent issue was that consumers didn’t show interest in purchasing clothes from local shops. Additionally, local shop owners expressed a desire to expand their sales by reaching customers in various locations. Moreover, they want to increase sale by selling their products across the country rather than focusing solely on local sales. By recognizing these challenges, the founders decided to revaluate and refine their business model for improved effectiveness.

Business and revenue model: meesho helpline number

Meesho operates on a B2B (Business to Business) model. Indeed, it connects manufacturers and owners of reselling enterprises to increase their sales. Moreover, with the D2C (Direct to Consumer) model where manufacturers sell directly to consumers. Furthermore, Meesho acts as a platform simplifying transactions between businesses. Also, the platform earns revenue through various fees and incentives from businesses using its services. While Meesho initially focused on the reseller business model it transitioned to a broader B2B model in 2021.

Founders: meesho helpline number

Sanjeev Barnwal

Sanjeev Barnwal is one of the co-founders and serves as the Chief Technological Officer (CTO) at Meesho. Formerly, he worked as an Android Camera Hardware Abstraction Layer Architecture Designer and Developer at Sony Mobile Communications. Sanjeev holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from IIT Delhi and has a background in working for Sony Corporation.

Vidit Aatrey

Vidit Aatrey is the co-founder and CEO of Meesho. Earlier, he worked at InMobi, a mobile marketing platform. Moreover, there he focused on developing growth strategies for the business. Aatrey also gained experience in operations while working at ITC Limited.

Commission: meesho helpline number

Meesho generates a significant portion of its revenue through commissions charged to vendors. When a reseller sells a product on the Meesho platform, the vendor of that product incurs some commission. Moreover, this commission-based model looks a lot like that of other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Thereafter, there is a 0% commission on some categories of products for suppliers. After that, there is no commission charged from the resellers.

Funding and investor: meesho helpline number

Oct 20, 2021 Debt Financing Trifecta Capital Advisors
Sep 30, 2021 Series F $570M B Capital Group, Fidelity Management and Research Company
Apr 5, 2021 Series E $300M SoftBank Vision Fund
Aug 12, 2019 Series D $125M Prosus & Naspers
Jun 14, 2019 Corporate Round $25M Meta
Nov 5, 2018 Series C $50M DST Partners, RPS Ventures, Shunwei Capital
Jun 7, 2018 Series B $11.5M Sequoia Capital India
Oct 12, 2017 Series A $3.4M Elevation Capital
Aug 18, 2016 Seed Round $120K Y Combinator
Mar 1, 2016 Angel Round $180K Investopad, Rajul Garg, Venture Highway

Meesho helpline number

if you have any queries regarding your product, you can contact them via call and email.

Via call: you can give them a call at 08061799600

Email: you can also drop an email at

Someone from the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


In the fiscal year of FY22, Meesho has achieved incredible growth with a total revenue of 3232cr. indeed, the figure marked a remarkable increase as compared to the previous fiscal year FY21. Additionally, the net income of the company is 498.7cr in the fiscal year FY22.

Alternatives and Competitors

Meesho Helpline Number
Meesho Helpline Number

Final words

In brief, we have discussed a lot in this article about the Meesho platform from its start-up to its revenue. Moreover, this platform is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India. Furthermore, if you have any queries related to the products, you can contact them via calls and emails. If you liked the information in this article, you can tell us with your comment or reply.


Nowadays, some scammers pretend that they are Meesho representatives. Moreover, scammers send fake posts, messages, emails, photos, or any other letter. Ignore it. Meesho does not send any posts or any other articles regarding lucky draws or lottery contests. In the above, the number or email ID we have shared are authentic. We took the details from their official website.

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