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Have you seen Melanie Olmstead in the recent episode of Yellowstone? Also, are you a fan of her and want to know more about her? Well, if that is the point then you are at the right place. Indeed, this article aims to provide you with enough information about her from her early life to her career. However, we also talked about how she died? And what are the reasons for her death? Stick around with this article to learn about her! Hence, let’s start this article.

Melanie Olmstead was born on November 15, 1968, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Indeed, she made significant contributions to the American movie industry since 2000. Moreover, she is particularly known for her role as the transportation and location manager in the popular western drama series “Yellowstone.” However, she was raised by her adoptive parents in Salt Lake City, and Melanie cherished her childhood memories there. Her impact on the entertainment industry has been notable, especially through her work on “Yellowstone.”

Personal information and more

Profile Summary Details
Full Name Melanie Olmstead
Gender Female
Date of Birth  November 15, 1968
Date of Death 25 May 2019
Age at the Time of Death 50 years old
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Place of Birth Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Place of Death Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Early Life

Melanie Olmstead was born in 1968. After that, she had a special upbringing with her adoptive parents Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard. Indeed, she loved animals particularly horses from her childhood. However, the love for animals stayed with her throughout her life.

Melanie influenced her early knowledge and experiences from growing up in Utah for her role in the “Yellowstone” series. Given that much of the show’s filming took place in Utah for the first three seasons. After that, her knowledge of the area made her an excellent fit for the positions of site manager and transportation manager.

Outside of work, Melanie enjoyed spending time with her friends and horses. Mostly, she finds joy and relaxation in these moments. Her personal connection to the landscape and her love for animals likely improved her contributions to the series. Indeed, it added a unique touch to her role as a site and transportation manager for “Yellowstone.”

Melanie Olmstead Family

Melanie Olmstead was raised by her adoptive parents, Reid Howard and Janet Corbridge. Indeed, they provided her with a loving and enjoyable childhood. Melanie was adopted by Reid and Janet in 1968, eight years after they lost their infant child. Unfortunately, Janet passed away in April 1979 due to complications from diabetes when Melanie was just 11 years old.

After Janet’s passing, Reid remarried Loa Rose Hanson in February 1982 at the Ogden temple. Loa Rose Hanson a native of Delta Utah became Melanie’s stepmother. After that, Reid and Loa remained together for 34 years until Reid’s passing on June 11, 2016. Throughout her childhood and beyond, Melanie was raised by her stepfather, Reid, who was a veteran of the United States Army.

Later, On December 31, 2015, she got married to Annalise Ford who is an American Consultant.

Father Reid Howard
Mother Janet Corbridge
Husband Annalise Ford

Melanie Olmstead Education

Melanie went to local schools in Salt Lake City, Utah, for her basic and high school education. Afterwards, she pursued higher education and successfully graduated from the respected Westminster College.


After Melanie Olmstead graduated from Westminster College she entered the entertainment industry. Formerly she had a passion for outdoor sports which later turned into her work in the film industry. In 2000, she started her career as a location manager starting with the television series “Primary Suspect.” Her success in this role led her into Hollywood’s location management and transportation department.

All through her career, Melanie worked on various blockbuster films. Indeed, it showcases her skills as a location and transportation manager. Some of the notable films she contributed to include “Darling Companion,” “John Carter,” “Benji: Off the Leash,” “Frozen,” “Point Break,” “Wink River,” “Snatchers,” “Andi Mack,” “Joe Bell,” “Hereditary,” and, notably, the TV series “Yellowstone.”

Melanie worked with well-known actors, actresses, and production firms during her career. Despite her unfortunate passing, her significant achievements and contributions to the film industry continue to be recognized. Also, it leaves behind a permanent legacy.

The net worth of Melanie Olmstead

According to our research, the net worth of Melanie was something around $3 to $5 million. Most of her income came from her acting career.

Net worth $3 – $5 million

Physical stats

Height (ft) 5’5″
Height (cm) 165
Weight (lbs) 121
Weight (kg) 55
Body Measurements (in) 34-26-35
Body Measurements (cm) 86-66-88
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue

Cause of death

According to the sources and our research, she died due to complications related to cancer. At the age of 50, she was battling with cancer for two years. But unfortunately, she died on 25 May 2019.

Melanie Olmstead
Melanie Olmstead


Indeed, we have discussed a lot about Melanie Olmstead from her early life, and career to her cause of death. Melanie was an American entrepreneur and transportation manager in the entertainment industry. After that, she began her career as a crew member for several TV series and movies. Some of the well-known productions she worked on include “Benji: Off the Leash,” “Primary Suspect,” “John Carter,” “Point Break,” and “Wind River.” Indeed, her role as a transportation manager contributed to the success of these projects in the world of movies and TV series. We hope that this article is informational for you if you are a fan of Melanie. Toddles!


  • Melanie lost her mother when she was very young. After that, her father got married to Loa Rose and they both raised her.
  • She likes animals especially horses that’s why she named one of the horses Mahogany.
  • Her adoptive father died in 1979 and her adoptive mother died in 2016.
  • She was married to Annalise Ford who is an American consultant.
  • She was 50 years old as she was born on November 15, 1968, and died on May 25, 2019.


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