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Do you love to read the biographies? If yes, then this article topic is for you. In this article, we are going to talk about Renate krößner who was a German actress. Moreover, we delve into all the facts and figures that why she was so popular. Furthermore, we also talk about her death and how she died. After that, we also the light on her early life and career. Hence, stay connected with this article! This article is going to be super informational if you are a fan of her. Let’s start this article.

Renate Krössner also known as Renate Krößner. She was a German actress born on May 17, 1945, in Osterode am Harz, Lower Saxony. Indeed, she was known for her roles in films such as “Nordkurve,” “Solo Sunny,” and “Alles auf Zucker!” In television, she has appeared in shows like “Tatort,” “Bruder Esel,” “Stubbe – Von Fall zu Fall,” and “Einmal Bulle, immer Bulle.” After that, Renate Krössner received the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 30th Berlin International Film Festival for her performance in “Solo Sunny.” Additionally, in 1993, she won a Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Award) for Best Actress for her work in “Nordkurve.” In addition, she also served as a jury member at the 41st Berlin International Film Festival in 1991.

Short Profile

First Name Renate
Last Name Krößner
Profession Actor
Age 74 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Date May 17, 1945
Birth Place Osterode Am Harz
Country Germany

Early life of Renate Krößner

Krößner got into the world of theatre when she was in school in Berlin. However, she enthusiastically takes part in different school plays. After realizing her talent, she decided to go through formal training at the Staatliche Schauspielschule. Later, she completed her diploma early, at just 19 years old. After that, she started her professional career, refining her acting abilities at various regional theatres in East Germany.

Renate Krößner Career

In 1965, Kruschner started her film career with “Tiefen Furchen,” directed by Lutz Köhlert, after playing small TV roles since the mid-1960s. In 1979, Tilli gained international praise in a film about marital violence directed by Heiner Carow.  Later, in 1980, she played the lead in “Solo Sunny,” a DEFA film directed by Konrad Wolf and written by Wolfgang Kohlhaase.

After moving to West Berlin in 1985 with her husband. After that, actors Bernd Stegemann and Krößner performed on stage with guest appearances.  Later, in 2004, she appeared in “North Shore Curve” and “Alls on Zucker!” Her television credits include shows like “Tatort,” “Bruder Donkey,” “Stubbe – From Case to Case,” and “Once a cop, always a cop.”

Later, in 1993, Krößner won the Deutscher Filmpreis for Best Actress for her role in “North Shore Curve.” Additionally, she served on the jury during the 41st Berlin International Film Festival.

Renate Krößner Cause of Death

Krößner passed away at the age of 75 due to a brief illness. She died on May 25, 2020. But, the specific cause of her illness is not known.

Google doodle tributes on her birthday

Google Doodle honours Renate Krößner on her 78th birthday.  She became widely known for her role as the main character in Solo Sunny. Indeed, a significant film from East Germany that gained international recognition. Really, the movie touched the hearts of people around the world. However, it contributes to Renate Krößner’s fame as a German actress.

Renate Krößner
Renate Krößner


In conclusion, we have discussed a lot about her from her early life to her cause of death. However, she was a very popular actress at her time. Indeed, Google Doodle also gives her a tribute on her 78th birthday. In addition, she was known for her acting skills and the way she performed her role. Later in 1980, she was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actress for the title role in the Solo Sunny. If you are a fan of her, let us know with your comments. Toddles!


She was a Member of the jury at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1991.

She was married to Bernd Stegemann after living together with him for about 30 years (2005).

He was born in Osterode am Harz, Germany.

Renate Krößner’s birth sign is Taurus.

Renate Krößner is an actress known for her roles in several films such as “Bruder Esel,” “Nordkurve,” “Solo Sunny,” and “Vergiss dein Ende.” Some of her notable characters include Carola ‘Caramba’ Schneider in “Feuer unter Deck,” Mausi in “The Incorrigible Barbara,” Tilli in “Until Death Do Us Part,” and Sunny in “Solo Sunny.” She also participated in “Einer vom Rummel,” played Mathilde in “Mathilde Möhring,” and portrayed Manuela in “Gebrochene Blüten.”

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