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About the game: Risk of Rain 2 Wiki

Risk of Rain 2 is a video game where you play as a character stranded on an alien planet. However, your goal is to stay alive by exploring different areas, fighting monsters, and finding items to make yourself stronger. Certainly, as you progress the game gets harder. After that, you have to fight with tougher enemies. Moreover, you can play with up to three other friends online. It came out in phases, first as an early access game in 2019 and then fully released in 2020. Gearbox, the company behind games like Borderlands, took over development of the game in 2022.

Development: Risk of Rain 2 Wiki

When Hopoo Games started out working at the sequel to Risk of Rain. Subsequently, they commenced with a 2D prototype in which gamers controlled one of the monsters from the first recreation to carry a fresh twist to the formulation. Indeed, stimulated via fan artwork showing gathered gadgets on characters, they first of all tried a 2.5D method (3D but performed like a 2D platformer), however it did not get right. Therefore, they swiftly transitioned the game fully into 3-D, finding it greater innovative opportunities and deeper gameplay design. Later, the sequel turned into announced in May 2017 after six months of development, using the use of the Unity engine, which they had to analyze. However, adapting monsters and items for the three-D environment required huge remodeling efforts.

Hopoo Games first of all released Risk of Rain 2 in early for Windows in 2019, with plans for a complete launch inside a year. During early access, they teamed up with Gearbox Publishing to convey the game to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, releasing on those platforms on August 30, 2019. The complete launch turned into not on time to amplify the game further, and a free Anniversary Update got here out in 2021.

In 2022, a paid growth known as “Survivors of the Void” changed into released for Windows, accompanied by its console release on November eight, 2023. Moreover, this date matched with the 10th anniversary of Risk of Rain and the release of “Risk of Rain Returns.” On the same day, every other paid update for Risk of Rain 2, named “Seekers of the Storm,” was introduced. In November 2022, Gearbox Entertainment acquired the Risk of Rain intellectual belongings (IP). However, Hopoo Games stays an independent studio. Currently, Hopoo is working on different video games and initiatives.

Risk of Rain 2 Characters: Risk of Rain 2 Wiki

In Risk of Rain 2, the characters you can play are like different superheroes, each with their own strengths and abilities.

  • Commando: The primary, all-around hero you begin with. Good for beginners.
  • MUL-T: This survivor is hard and likes to be in the center of the movement, armed with some cool gadgets.
  • Huntress: Fast and lethal, but not splendid at taking hits. Certainly, she can deal numerous damage and flow around easily.
  • Engineer: A truly good individual, in particular if you want putting in place traps and turrets to help you combat.
  • Artificer: This one is superb for dealing massive harm quickly, mainly against groups of enemies or tough bosses.
  • Mercenary: This character is a bit complicated to master but is agile and relies on dodging attacks to live alive in battles.

Enemies, Bosses, and Elites: Risk of Rain 2 Wiki

In Risk of Rain 2, there are special types of tough enemies called Elites, and they come in different flavors.

  • Blazing Elites: These are the red ones. They not only harm you with their attacks but additionally leave a fiery trail at the back of them that can burn you. Watch out, as their assaults can set you on fireplace too.
  • Glacial Elites: These are the white-coloured hard guys. When they hit you, they slow you down. Besides, once they die, they explode, so it is an awesome idea to hold a safe distance.
  • Overloading Elites: The blue ones. These have shields, making them extra difficult. Once they attack, there’s an electric explosion, including any other layer of threat. Be careful while handling those beefed-up enemies.

Risk of Rain 2 Shrines: Risk of Rain 2 Wiki

  • Shrine of Blood: You can trade some of your health for gold.
  • Shrine of Chance: You spend gold here, and each time you use it, it costs more gold. However, it’s like a gamble.
  • Shrine of Combat: This one doesn’t cost anything. It just orders more enemies for you to fight.
  • Shrine of Gold: This spawns a special gold orb. It can take you to a secret area called the Gilded Coast. But it costs a lot of gold to activate.
  • Shrine of the Mountain: If you activate this when you’re using a teleporter, certainly, it makes things harder by calling an extra boss.
  • Shrine of Order: You spend a special coin called a Lunar Coin here to mix up your rare items and give you new ones.
  • Shrine of the Woods: This one creates a healing area around it. Moreover, it can heal you and your friends. It costs gold to use.
Risk of Rain 2 Wiki
Risk of Rain 2 Wiki


In 2021, Risk of Rain 2 got recognized at a couple of gaming award events. Indeed, it was nominated for “Indie Game of the Year” and “Excellence in Multiplayer” at the SXSW Gaming Awards. Additionally, at the Indie Live Expo II, the game was up for the “Best Game Feel” Award. Essentially, these nominations are like saying the game stood out and was appreciated for its innovation, multiplayer experience, and overall gaming experience.

Final words

In brief, we have discussed everything about the Risk of Rain 2 Wiki from its characters to its development. However, if you are a gaming enthusiast then this game a must to explore for you. Moreover, If you found this article entertaining and helpful, let us know with your comment. Toddles!

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