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Ludo is a game that is played in India and around the world. In India, ludo is a game that has been passed from generation to generation. But COVID did make sure that this ludo can go on the app, so friends, random people and family can play the ludo from their homes and relive those memories. But as fantasy sports were becoming huge back then, it did bring ludo and a new phase where the people had the chance to earn money… So let us understand the concept on a deeper level..

What is Zupee?

Zupee Apk is an app that allows ludo fanatics in India to make money online by playing the traditional game. It allows a person to make money by just playing Ludo Supreme. Here you can play the ludo against a person, two or three. This helps a person to win the game and make the money. And then they have so many contests that run and make sure that a person can get huge sums like a million INR even.

But yes, here you have to win all the games in the tournament to make sure that you can earn great sums for sure. And the investment is very minimal, so the risk factor is not high like a betting platform. They have many free modes too, but Ludo Supreme is the most on-demand platform for sure as it makes people money.

What is Zupee Apk?

Zupee Apk is an app that is available on Play Store or App Store. But it comes from third-party websites and it is the only advantage of it for those who do want to download it from outsource platforms. But it becomes a third-party app and it gives some features to the users hence, they are tempted to have the third-party app. The aim to win anyhow has made the APK version also very on demand and people do search about it on the internet.

How to download Zupee Apk?

Follow the steps for knowing how to download the APK file.

  • Firstly, open the browser and type Zupee Apk.
  • Now there would be many platforms providing the APK file to download.
  • Open the website and hit the download now button.
  • This would let the APK file download and now one can install it in the system.

But it is better to download the app in real form as it can eliminate the malware issues.

Zupee Apk: Games

  • Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme is the game that is most on-demand. This you can play with real players virtually and make money. It is up to you which mode you wish to play and make money. And hence, it is the backbone of the game to make the money.

  • Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is the second section of Zuppe where a person can make money by playing with other users. And here also you have to win the game to earn. You can pick how many players from one to three you wish to play.

  • Ludo Turbo

Ludo Turbo is the third wing where users can battle to make money. It would different UI, rest the features and money-making ability are the same as the other two.

  • Others

Snakes & Ladders Plus, Trump Cards Mania, Ludo Supreme League, Zupee Cricket X Tambola, Zupee Cricket Cards and Zupee Cricketbaaz are the other games that can be played to earn money.

How to make an account?: Zupee Apk

Zupee Apk easily makes the account.

  • First, it needs to download the app.
  • Now you can enter your mobile number.
  • It would send an OTP that you have to add and then click on the sign-in button.
  • The process is the same for the first-time user and the existing one.
  • And it would as the referral code. So if you have, you can add that and it would be the person who sent you the code.

And the signup bonus would be INR 10, so you can start playing without investing any money. The game starts from Rs 1. So it is something to see how low the risk is.

Zupee Apk: KVC Process

Zupee needs the user to click on the Account section on the bottom left side of the app. Here in the second section, it would show the “Complete Your KVC” process. Now click there and it will show the Pan Card option. Click that and upload the image of your PAN card. This is it, and the process does not take more than 30 seconds. This makes them a legitimate app as they are following the guidelines of the Indian government. And it makes them pay taxes for everything they earn or the user. So it brings transparency to the system.

Zupee Apk: Pros

Here are the advantages…

Zupee Apk
A look of Zupee Apk
  • It makes one money by playing the ludo.
  • The risk in the small contest is love.
  • Winning means a person can earn decent sums.
  • It does make one reward for the risk.
  • It comes under the game of skill and not betting.
  • This is a hub for ludo lovers to make huge sums.
  • They run big tours from time to time.
  • You can even track who is the best in the game and their total winnings.
  • Doing KVC can make one earn more up to 100 Rs.
  • The user interface is very good Ludo app.
  • It has changed the definition of ludo as one can earn money by playing it.
  • Being online helps one to get as many players to play against as possible.

Zupee Apk: Cons

Some disadvantages…

  • The APK version can lead a person to a malware virus.
  • It can even empty the bank accounts.
  • This can make one form a habit of earning money from ludo.
  • 15000 can make one 27750, but losing it can make one zero. So this makes the risk bigger.
  • Many do say that it is another way to promote betting.
  • It can drag children to become lazy by playing the ludo at the time they can learn many things.
  • This can make one lose good sums too.
  • It can only be played by the app.
  • Quitting the game means losing the money.
  • Loss of internet connection can make one lose decent sums.

Zupee: Crucial Notes

  • Zupee started to push the boundaries in 2022.
  • Kapil Sharma is the brand ambassador of the app.
  • Dilsher Malhi is the founder of the app.
  • It started in 2018 and took a major step post-COVID.
  • They make small to big sums from every contest.
  • This is one of the most profitable businesses as start-ups in India.
  • A contest of 30000 Rs can make them 2250. And it is a huge sum.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur is the place from where Dilsher Malhi started Zupee.

Is Zupee a betting app?

Well, Zupee comes under a game of skill. It means that they are not a betting app as per the law of India. It is pointed out in The Public Gambling Act of 1867. But many do say that as this act was before India got independence, it needs the change. Because they feel that it is a part of betting. But in real terms, the app is known as a safe app to play as it gives KVC an option, it means that all the taxes are paid and it makes the business contribution towards Indian growth. Betting being banned in India allows them to tempt people. But as per the tradition of India, it goes against Sanatana Dharma as they do talk to stay away from betting or related platforms.

Final Take

Zupee APK is a way for a person to make sure that they can play the game and earn money. But APK file can give some advantages, but it can be a downfall too as the malware risk can be higher for sure. Hence,  Zupee APK Download can be a risky task for all.


Zupee APK is something we are not promoting. We are here to educate the viewers about the app and how it works.

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